Dash-i: smallest MicroSD Reader for iPhone iPad

Ever run out of storage when you try to take a picture or video on your iPhone? Ever want to store some video/movies on your iPhone/iPad to watch on a trip so you don’t spend big $s on your mobile bill or for places where you can’t get connected to the “cloud”? Ever want to share files easily among different devices and with family/friends?

If you say Yes to any of these, then this is for you: a MicroSD card reader for iOS devices that gives you unlimited external storage accessible from your iPhone, iPad (including iPad Pro), and iPod Touch with Lightning port. You can have as much space as you want/need for music, video, photos, and any other types of files; and you can easily share the files with family/friends and among different devices (PC, Mac, Android, digital camera).


We designed this MicroSD card reader instead of USB flash drive because we believe MicroSD is the best expandable storage solution. It is universal: you can use it on pretty much any devices: computers, tablets, digital cameras; and now, on iPhone/iPad using our Dash-i reader. It is everywhere — very likely you get a few of them lying around somewhere. Fill-up one card? Just have another one.


Design is the soul of a product. We have put a great deal of effort in designing Dash-i. The result is a little device that is refreshingly different and stands out from the rest of available solutions.

  • Small & compact: easy to carry around so it is always there; say no to bulky over-sized space taker.
  • Simplistic in both functionalities and form: do what it is supposed to do and do it well, in a simplistic form reflecting its functionalities.
  • Elegant & beautiful: looking good as a compliment to your mobile device.
  • Truly portable: silicone protective case included, use it to attach to a key ring.

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